Paul Crouch Died Today

Here’s a great article that describes what Mr. Crouch believed.

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6 thoughts on “Paul Crouch Died Today

  1. What is amazing is that there are those who oppose Crouch but say some of the same things regarding those who want to uphold sound doctrine. They cry “heresy hunters” when good, godly men, who are scholars, expose those who are false. God bless you and thank you for sharing this article.

    • Thank you:) I posted this because I was very disturbed to see right away after he died that people who call themselves evangelical Christians were posting up condolences to ” our dear brother Paul”. And saying he was now with The Lord. Then I wondered if anyone had even bothered to ever look into this man’s beliefs if they are not obvious from watching him on tv ( I wouldn’t know cause I’ve never watched him on purpose). I don’t know where the discernment has gone. Yes, it’s sad he’s gone because I take no delight in the death of the wicked. But he was no brother.

  2. I was shocked to find that he had died. My parents knew but I didn’t. I fear that his soul is in torment at this very moment and perhaps greater torment than if he had simply been lost. Instead, he has led many astray and encouraged God to be used as a way to feed greed and selfishness with the pretense of doing God’s work.

    He isn’t the only one. I hope his death will be a wake up call to the rest of his ilk but I fear that their consciences have already been seared as with a hot iron.

    God bless. Keep spreading truth.

    • I didn’t feel much when I heard he died, but later I got to thinking about how he was likely not in heaven and how shocked he must have been and how shocked others who followed him must have felt when they saw him and I have to say my stomach rolled. I just felt absolutely sick to my stomach.
      I wish it were a wake up call but I think most followers think he’s with The Lord.
      Glad there is someone else spreading the truth and can see through someone like Crouch.

  3. His death reminds me of Matthew7 which I think is the scariest verse in the Bible; that says “Lord, Lord, we did all these things in your name.” God retorts, “I never knew you, you sons of inquiry.

    Their whole marriage was a shame , lived I. Separate homes for over 20 years. Thank God for true to the Gospel,preachers, like John MacArthur, D James Kennedy and Adrian Rogers and Erwin Lutzer.
    It is really heartbreaking.

    • Yes, I heard the granddaughter say they lived in separate homes. Their lives were one big lie. It really is heartbreaking but more so all the people who watch the garbage they put out on TBN leading many astray.

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